Freezing a moment!

Feeling. Touching. Loving

Freezing a moment!

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About Us

Photography, they say is a way of feeling, touching and loving. It is about taking an image, freezing a moment, thus revealing how rich reality truly is.

Japicha is a professional photography and videography company. We are highly experienced in shooting social and corporate events (including weddings), portraits, products, still life and automotive.

 We are dedicated to ensuring that you trust us with whatever project. Our team is organized, focused on goals and results, respectful, honest, and creative and of great customer service.

We promise nothing but quality work and meeting deadlines.

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Our Services

When looking for a photography team for your event/project, you want a team that is Creative and Imaginative, one that has an Eye for Detail, one whose team members are Patient and Flexible and one whose teammates are Passionate and reliable

This totally defines us Japicha. Here are the services we offer:



Video Editing

Sound Recording

Lighting Services

Drone Services


How to reach us

Phone: 0722376842


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